Country Music & Cowboy Boots | A Guide to Nashville

When I think of Nashville, the first thing that pops into my head is country music, cowboys and honky tonk bars. Although the capital of Tennessee does contain all of these things, the city has so much more to offer residents and tourists. It is filled with great food, friendly people and good times. When one of my best friends turned 25, we gathered a group and headed to Nashville to celebrate her quarter of a century. Although most of our weekend consisted of eating, drinking and bar hopping, we experienced the charm of Nashville.

Nashville is easy to get around with the help of Uber or Lyft. One of our Lyft rides was a rave on wheels, complete with dance music, strobe lights and a mini disco ball. We stayed in an Airbnb in East Nashville that fit our group of ten comfortably and was surprisingly inexpensive. Our hostess provided us with a guidebook to Nashville that we utilized to plan out our stops. Here are some of our favorite stops along the way.

The Treehouse

Head over to The Treehouse for a farm-to-table experience you won’t forget. We thought that the restaurant just had a clever name, but we were pleasantly surprised when we realized we were dining in an actual treehouse. Our group of ten fit comfortably and were able to overlook the restaurant and courtyard from our hideaway in the trees. The wine selection is impressive so split a bottle (or two) with friends and enjoy dinner or a late night fourth meal.


Honky Tonk Central

One man’s tourist trap is another man’s treasure. Looking back, we probably spent twelve hours at this hot spot drinking the day (and night) away. Three levels of fun with live music on every floor? Yes please! If you enjoy rowdy Bachelor parties, endless Fireball shots and partygoers dancing in cowboy boots, this is the place for you. I guarantee you will have the time of your life and return more than once.


Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co.

Known for serving Southern food with a Cajun twist, this East Nashville restaurant and bar is known for its food and brews. Free wifi, late-night kitchen and a happy hour from 11am-7pm is hard to beat! I highly recommend the crab cakes and the chicken & waffles. It is also known for the hot chicken dish, so don’t shy away from trying something new!


Acme Feed & Seed

Nashville may be the land of country music, but multiple story bars seem to be just as popular as hot chicken and cowboy hats. We spent most of our time on the rooftop bar at Acme Feed & Seed which overlooks the Tennessee Titans football stadium. Sip a cocktail and cheer on your favorite team with one of the best view of Nashville. This is a great place to darty and begin your night out!


Pinewood Social

If you are looking for a hip hotspot, look no further than Pinewood Social. Food and drinks aren’t the only thing on the menu here; there are outdoor areas with pools and a bowling alley for guests to enjoy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be served with a speciality cocktail. Get your Instagram filters and trendy outfits ready.


The Post East

Located in East Nashville, The Post End uses only organic products for the juices and smoothies they serve daily. The Victrola Coffee brand offers a different flavor for Nashville coffee lovers, and Wolfe Gourmet Cakes and Artemis Breads create new baked goods to showcase in the shop throughout the week. The Post East was a short walk from our Airbnb, so it was the perfect spot to score some hangover food. The PB&J smoothie, daily quiche and homemade poptart definitely did the trick.


Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge

If you are looking for great live music, Tootsie’s is the way to go. A massive dancehall awaits you on the second floor where you can sing along to your favorite country anthems. There are bars and hidden rooms located throughout the building if you need to escape the noise for a bit. The original Tootsie’s is located on Broadway, but if you want to have a little reminder of it on your way home, there is an airport location.


A Little Lagniappe
You can’t do it all in one weekend! Here is my to do list for the next time I return to Nashville!
Shopping in the 12South Neighborhood

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